Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5.12.09 Mt Fuji!!

How nice it was to get out of the city for a couple days and visit the town of Hakone which is at the base of Mt Fuji. It was a tiny little town with a bunch of natural hot springs running through it, so consequently we stayed in a hot spring hotel where you can use the public baths that have naturally hot sulphurous (?) water running through them!! SO, we slept a lot and used the spa tubs and saw Mt Fuji. Pretty amazing and a much needed vacation from Tokyo. Also, when we stopped to get off the bus to take pictures of Fuji we saw an area which was naturally erupting sulfur springs! And here they boil eggs in the sulphur lakes which makes them black, and they say if you eat one it adds 7 years to your life so I ate 2. :) 

Here is the guy pulling out the freshly sulfur-water boiled black eggs!

The sulfur hot springs erupting behind me

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